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Welcome to Bergshagen in Jumo-island, Iniö! Silence speaks in an idyllic archipelago village. A 200-year-old archipelago house of Bergshagen is a memorable place to listen to it.

Bergshagen is a ECOTRAVEL-DESTINATION. Its service is bed & breakfast.

Jumo island, one of the many Iniö islands, in the archipelago city of Parainen is located by the Archipelago Trail. It is easy to get here by ferry from Kustavi or in the summertime also from Houtskari. There are two buses daily to Heponiemi harbour in Kustavi from Turku bus-station.

Bergshagen's garden is surrounded by beautiful blueberry-forests and rocky fields. Jumo's little fishing-harbour with dancefloor and midsummer-pole is just a few minutes walk away. There you can also find village's swimming-wharf and a little museum, which tells about this little fishing-villages history.

History is present also on the islands around, where you can find memorials from the Viking-age. Vikings used to sail these waters from Sweden to Kalanti, one of the main trading-places on Finland's coast those days.

Bergshagen B&B is open from June to August the 15th. 
ATTN! Nights between Sunday and Monday are closed.


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